Tea Brokering

Tea broking in Sri Lanka has developed over its long history from a pure marketing role to a multi faceted range of services covering not only marketing but warehousing, finance, technical advisory service and the macro aspects of the global tea industry. Consequently, a number of integrated businesses and professional expertise for these different areas of operation are required in a tea broking company. Eastern Brokers have lost no time in staying abreast with these developing trends and will continue to do so in the future. Proud of yesterday we build for tomorrow.

Tea Tasting

Our team is comprised of competent Tea Tasters – a young and dynamic team who were all trained by the most Senior Tea Broker and veteran in the trade - the late Mr. Ajit Chitty, who spared no effort in doing so.

It is the Taster who describes and values tea and so fulfills the highly specialized responsibility in its marketing aspects. His description of the liquor is based on taste. Smell and taste are part of the same interconnected sensory system, and "flavor" is almost entirely sensed in the nose. A Taster may deal with several hundred tea samples in a day and mastering this highly complex skill is an accomplishment our team can proudly boast of. In making his evaluation, he brings his knowledge and experience to bear on the performance of a particular estate and mark and to this extent one can be assured of our high competency levels.

Ware Housing

Our Warehouse is securely located in Wattala and has easy access from the main Colombo/Katunayake Airport main road. It currently has a capacity of 22,000 sq ft and is being upgraded to Japanese 5 S compliance standards. Guided by the ‘Kaizen’ principles of incremental and continuous improvement it is also moving towards ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems compliance.

The complex is managed and supervised by a Team of customer oriented and experienced Staff at site. The facility is approved by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and the Colombo Tea Traders’ Association and is in strict compliance with Industry standards.